It's your girl, sophie

My name is Sophie Axie Mae, but you can call me Soph. I'm based out of Saint Charles, Missouri & I'll be the first to tell you that I love living here. It's where i've grown up, it's where my people are & it's extremely central for adventure taking. Roadtrips are my preferred way to travel, with lots of stops to small pizza joints, coffee shops & thrift stores along the way. That being said, i will joyfully take planes, trains & automobiles to take your photograph wherever your heart desires!

I'm a follower of Christ, active member in my local church & love talking about Jesus. Other personality traits + delights include being overly bonded to my mini aussie, (named Disco, no less!) growing up in a large family full of girls, hyperfixating on finding the *perfect* bagel in STL (bagel union ft. cherry schmear, thank me later) & buying a 2 room schoolhouse to renovate alongside my family.

I'm a pretty simple gal who's dreams include buying property + growing a flower garden like my dad. Hopefully have a million kids + pups taking up all my days & being the town's crazy sourdough lady. Alternate dreams include living in a shack on the beach & eating pineapple for all 3 meals. I suppose i'll keep you updated on where the Lord leads ;)

it's so nice to meet you


Countless nights of my childhood + present have been spent huddled around my grandparent's kitchen table looking through their old photos. All of them are stored in an old suitcase upstairs. The moment we get to talking about old memories, out comes the suitcase. This inevitably leads to more stories, more photos, inside jokes revealed + lots of "oh my word do you remember this?" - & so the cycle continues.

I love the power photos have. In a second we're transported back to the moment it was taken, the characters of our lives in that season + exactly how it felt to be there. Life comes at ya fast, man. So from now until the time I meet the Lord, I strive to take the photos you'll hold onto forever. I want to capture you two + all the people you love most... so that someday, years down the line, you can pull out your own photo suitcase & tell your friends about the good ole days.

what inspires me

Laughter & love & joy & people. like the photos in my grandparents photo suitcase

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the tree in my grandparents backyard where we spend most nights in the summer

happiest blurry pic testing out the timer on my vintage film cam

1. Coffee + bread making !!
Lately I've been spending more time in the kitchen, which is completely shocking to the people in my life but have no fear - that time is spent entirely on my at-home barista pursuits + my sourdough bread journey. Happy to report that I can make a sub-par cappuccino & a very basic sourdough loaf. I'm unstoppable.

2. Disco
If you've made it this far, you've heard about my dog lol. HERE'S A PIC OF MR LOVERBOY HIMSELF!

3. Thrifting 
Few things I enjoy more than digging through old artwork + t shirts @ the local thrift! The salvation army workers by my house know me by name lol

4. High School LIfe Groups
Sunday nights for me are spent up at church co-leading a group of 15 & 16 year old ladies. 2 dear friends lead with me & it's been a constant refining process for us since we started 4 years ago - I pray it's as big of a blessing to our girls as it is to us leaders!

My Fav Things


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I've spent my entire life at weddings - let me explain.

My dad used to officiate weddings & more often than not, he'd bring me along as his +1. You didn't know officiants got to bring someone? Funny because neither did the bride & groom in most of these situations, Nonetheless, I have countless memories attending strangers weddings as a kid & I loved it. Getting a front row seat to the last moments before the bride walked down the aisle was so fun. 

Because of this + starting my business at 16, I am no stranger to the chaos that can result from a wedding day. Balancing a timeline with dozens of vendors, complicated family dynamics, unpredictable Missouri weather - you name it, I've experienced it! None of the above intimidate me in the slightest. I feel lucky to have been exposed to the behind the scenes from such an early age, as I feel it's been a huge asset to how I'm able to serve my clients. 

While you're enjoying your best day ever, I'll be somewhere between a wall flower & the middle of the dance floor, no doubt getting low to apple bottom jeans. When you receive your gallery, I want you to be delighted by all the moments you may have missed - like your uncle Dave drunk singing Celine Dion, the flower girls stealing a 3rd slice of cake, or your mom happy crying during the father/daughter first look.

Behind the Lens

COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, I won’t miss a beat

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insert me crying behind the camera

MY Philosophy

No two couples are the same & their weddings should be treated as such

After shooting over 100+ weddings in one capacity or another, the importance of documenting you + your people honestly has only become more urgent for me. It's rare to get all of your best friends & family in a room at one time, much less celebrating something so exciting - so it must be captured in such a way where you are transported back to how it felt to be in there ☺︎

That being said, I don't view my job as a service. At least, not necessarily. My goal is to serve my clients beyond being a vendor, but as an artist. I hope that if you're hiring me, it's because you love & trust the way I see your world. Whether you have a luxury wedding in a ballroom or a picnic ceremony in your backyard, I will capture your day honestly + artistically.

" Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection
the LOVERS, the DREAMERS, & ME "


words from my couples

august 5, 2022

Andrew & Emily


"...Booking Sophie as my photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. As soon as she arrives on the scene you feel an immediate sense of relief. She doesn't create artifical moments, she captures the true feelings and emotions of what is happening on your wedding day..."

Sophie took the most magical maternity photos for my husband and I. She made us so comfortable on a HOT summer day and was efficient with our time. When our baby was born, she came to our house for newborn photos and did another incredible job. We are so lucky to have found her through Instagram and can’t wait for more sessions with her in the future!

january 25, 2023

Greg & Devyn


We couldn't be happier with our engagement photos from Sophie! She made us feel so comfortable and confident and walked us through every single pose so we knew exactly what to do. We LOVE the entire gallery of shots, her editing style, and how she mixes in candid and artsy ones while also getting the traditional posed ones that are good to have. Can't recommend her enough!

november 28, 2022

Scott & Renee


LOVER boy meets GIRL

Y'all already took care of that part of the story. I'll document the rest.

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